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I just read an article in the Op-Ed section of the NY Times that made me choke on my tea and hack up half of my ginger scone. Nicholas Kristof asked readers to draw literary or historical parallels of the Bush administration and Iraq. I will quote the first paragraph directly so you can experience the full impact of the analogy (make sure you don't have a mouthful of tea or scone). It is as follows:

"A reader named Melissa S. e-mailed to say that she explains Iraq policy to her 8-year-old son in terms of Harry Potter characters: 'Dick Cheny is Lord Voldemort. George W. Bush is Peter Pettigrew.' Don Rumsfeld is Lucius Malfoy, while Cornelius Fudge represents administration supporters who deny that anything is wrong. And, she concludes, 'Daily Prophet reporter Ritra Skeeter is Fox News.'"

*dies laughing*


Recall that Cheny shot his Texas lawyer friend in the face, neck, and chest on a hunting trip last year. Most of those pellets weren't able to be extracted. That man will have to live forever marked by Cheny, those tiny metal pellets under his skin linking him to the Vice President until the end of his days. *coughdarkmarkcough* Perhaps Cheny shooting his friend in the face, neck, and chest wasn't quite an accident. *laughs as dramatic and sinister music plays quietly in the background* If Cheny shows up anywhere with his shot gun, run away. Or else pull a Potter and give him "love". Maybe a hug would destroy him.

Oh, and Bush is a rat. But we all knew that.

I nominate Hillary to be Crookshanks.


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