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I'm still (slowly) working through gifts from this gift meme!  One more down.  \o/  For tj_smartz, my girl who loves boys who love boys, a couple of Sam/Dean fanmixes with songs I hope are up your alley (I stuck in Kings of Leon and more Ryan Adams just for you).

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Some musical gifts for you all!  Here's the rest of my S2 fanmix.  Better late than never, you know.

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Much Music

Sep. 12th, 2008 05:47 pm
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I come bearing music!

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Life has been full lately and my LJ time has shrunk dramatically.  Even though I haven't had time to write posts, I still enjoy hearing about what everyone has been up to.  Happy hiatus everyone!  And on that note, here's some music! *flings plastic musical notes in the air*

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I'm still alive and made it through the first two weeks of the teaching gauntlet.  It really is like riding a bike, except this time around I've been given a pink and purple Schwinn with a banana seat and 12 inch wheels.  I'm a little sore, but it's a good sore ... like when you've spent a whole day hauling yourself up the side of a mountain and crawl into bed barely able to move, smiling at the thought of the spectacular view you're going to get when you get to the top of that next bigger mountain on the horizon.  Then you fall asleep with your shoes on and forget to brush your hair and teeth and wake up the next morning looking like a hairy hurricane and feeling like you've been sucking on moldy cotton.  You sniff and realize you must've stepped in dog poo and now it's all over your bed.  Then after falling out of bed because your leg muscles have seized, you look at that mountain through the dust bunnies on your floor and think, "I'm insane."   *snortlaugh*  But you get up and just start walking.

Anyway, enough of RL blabber, I come bearing fannish gifts!

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