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I made a fic journal.  HEE.  And I wrote some fics.  DoubleHEE.  Now before I get in trouble for fandom writing *hides* let me just say that OMGIWROTESOMETHING!  HIYA! Writer's block, I banish you!  *karate kick*

You can check out my new alias [profile] palavraeand journal here. New scribblings are posted: Chapter 3 of my HP action fic (Strength of Three), a bit-o-something for The House of X, and my first SPN angst fest called Every Little Space Once Filled.  Also, I finally named that Ginny-centric, first person PoV, post-Hogwarts fic I previewed here months ago, which means that I'm now committed to finishing it :)  It's now called What Remains Unspoken.

This new journal is just for fics.  I'll be keeping this [personal profile] bowtruncklejournal for personal updates.  Feel free to friend me.  I'm will be updating the fic journal as I still have to catch up with Consequence and Redemption and put up a backload of silly ficlets I wrote a while back but never posted or submitted anywhere.  I'll be posting ALL of my stories in the new journal regardless if I submit them to archives or not.  :) 

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I've never done this before.

OK. Well, let me explain first. I'm trying to ease myself back into writing in third person so I can put to rest a couple of these fic chapters I've been working on for far too long. It seems, however, that my brain really likes first person to the point where I get about a paragraph into some of my other projects and suddenly I find myself going off to some strange first person POV place. I dub it the FPBH (the first person black hole): once you're sucked in, it's hard to get out. So last week I decided to just go with the first person impulse.

Additionally, I've been trying really hard to re-focus one just ONE thing ... mainly, Chapter 21. I know I joke about being scattered lately, but honestly this is getting ridiculous.

Um ... so I'm trying to get myself back into the posting/writing groove, hoping that maybe it'll help ALL of my writing along and seriously unstick whatever is stuck. This is the part that I've never done before:

Behind the cut is the preface for a fic I've been working on intermittently for the last year. Normally, I just keep my writing to myself and my betas before attempting to get it posted anywhere. I was hoping to get some honest feedback on this one (maybe that will help to unstick me?). It's a first person POV (well, sort of second person really) and uber-angst (well, angsty for me). I'm not sure exactly what to think about it anymore because I've been looking at it for a while. I think some parts are a bit overdone as in the words are a bit flowery/ornamental or else I'm a bit dramatic to the point where it gets silly (like the end) or likely BOTH. I think that maybe it's a bit dark. Too dark? Does the premise seem cliche? Does the whole thing make you just want to hit the "back" button? Hurl? OK, I don't need to know that exactly.

I was interested in trying to write something a little different, quasi-AU but not really (which is why it's a post-Hogwarts fic). I think AU fics are tossed aside alot, but I happen to really like the creativity associated with them. But maybe they're just written by crazy people like me who are just too scared or too stuck to make up and become attached to original characters so they just take pre-established, safe characters and stuff them into some hybrid HP/quasi-original setting/plot? Oh man, I don't know anymore. *head desk* Sorry, I'm nervous for some reason. I don't know why.

Anyway, I'm thinking that maybe if I just run around in the FPBH for a while, I'll get it all out of my system and then can slowly make my way back to more reader-friendly third person writing and simultaneously regain my focus. If you choose to respond, please be honest. Thanks in advance for any help. :)
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