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After 12 hours, it's done.

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Tonight I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peak at OotP thanks to

[profile] hyacinthgirl_36 and her "connections".  :)    Her, some of her other friends, [profile] kjpzak, and I got to sit in a theater full of young children and watch the world's longest string of previews while eating the soggiest and most overpriced soft pretzels in the universe (you had to put your own salt on them ... how wrong is that?).  Anyway, I drank way too much soda and still never finished it, which unfortunately caused me to miss something like 2.2 minutes of the movie with a frantic trip to the washroom.  *curses Barq's root beer*  However, the rest of the movie that I did see (all 143.8 minutes) was surprisingly very, very GOOD.  *cheers and dances*


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I've fallen behind with the HP mania surrounding the release of OotP and Book 7. However, I didn't know just how much canon knowledge my brain had dumped until the other day when I had to stop writing and buzz at least two people to ask a relatively simple question regarding Grimmauld Place and Kreature. I decided that I should really get back on the wagon otherwise I imagine going to the movie and having no clue what's happening (Harry who?). So this morning I surfed Mugglenet and was amused by quirky HP news I've missed the past months. Now I remember why I love this fandom so much! 

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Have you ever wanted to read the crackiest of crack fic?  Thanks to a thing called the internet *waves happy flag* there is such a tool to satisfy any crack craving (note my  ridiculous drabble featuring Arnold the Pigmy Puff and the Giant Squid --[profile] emmamoonpotter1, I told you I'd "write" it! *dances*).  [profile] ashlesha17pointed out this nifty drabble generator that pretty much had me hyperventilating into a bag.  Add an adverb here, an adjective there, stick in your two main characters and voila instant ficage!  Should we be worried that a computer can write fanfiction?

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Grr. Frustration has gotten the better of me.

I'm considering pulling my fics from wherever they're posted and just sticking them in some LJ-fic journal. Waiting for chapters to tromp through queues is becoming intolerable. Plus, I'm one of those annoying authors who likes to be in control of my postings because, well, I fix things as I go (as in the random typo that's managed to get though or a sentence that is horrible or ... erm ... an inconsistency that I HOPE nobody else notices [cats out of the bag on that one now]). In addition to that, I hate feeling like I'm inconveniencing people (like my betas) by constantly zipping them chapters to post for me, so I'd rather do it.

Last month, the mods at Mugglenetfanfiction rejected a chapter because they believed that the rating was inappropriate for the content based on violence. In all fairness, I'd forgotten what my fic was rated (3-4th years = PG). But I feel that the chapter doesn't warrent a Professor rating (R) because technically there isn't any violence, which by definition is "an exertion of physical force to injur or abuse". There's no dueling or spellfire or even bad guys in this chapter. However, there's a description of blood and characters' reactions to people bleeding. So perhaps there needs to be a distinction between "violence" and "descriptiveness" in their rating criteria as they are not the same thing. Anyway, I changed all my fics to 5-6th years = PG-13 to hopefully avoid things like this in the future, but asked MNFF mods to consider accepting this chapter with its new 5-6th years rating (not the Professor rating). A month later, the chapter still hasn't been posted and I'm waiting to hear back from them.

If I make some fanfiction journal, then I could post all of my other bits of fanfic writing that I won't bother passing through queues. I wrote a crack!HP fic late one night last year! Oh, the silliness. But my question is: are separate writing journals worth the work to set up and maintain or should I just dump everything into this journal if at all? Who has a separate fic journal? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?
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I just read an article in the Op-Ed section of the NY Times that made me choke on my tea and hack up half of my ginger scone. Nicholas Kristof asked readers to draw literary or historical parallels of the Bush administration and Iraq. I will quote the first paragraph directly so you can experience the full impact of the analogy (make sure you don't have a mouthful of tea or scone). It is as follows:

"A reader named Melissa S. e-mailed to say that she explains Iraq policy to her 8-year-old son in terms of Harry Potter characters: 'Dick Cheny is Lord Voldemort. George W. Bush is Peter Pettigrew.' Don Rumsfeld is Lucius Malfoy, while Cornelius Fudge represents administration supporters who deny that anything is wrong. And, she concludes, 'Daily Prophet reporter Ritra Skeeter is Fox News.'"

*dies laughing*


Recall that Cheny shot his Texas lawyer friend in the face, neck, and chest on a hunting trip last year. Most of those pellets weren't able to be extracted. That man will have to live forever marked by Cheny, those tiny metal pellets under his skin linking him to the Vice President until the end of his days. *coughdarkmarkcough* Perhaps Cheny shooting his friend in the face, neck, and chest wasn't quite an accident. *laughs as dramatic and sinister music plays quietly in the background* If Cheny shows up anywhere with his shot gun, run away. Or else pull a Potter and give him "love". Maybe a hug would destroy him.

Oh, and Bush is a rat. But we all knew that.

I nominate Hillary to be Crookshanks.


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