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My LJ has morphed into a giant SPN squee fest, so I'm going to try to balance things out a bit and return to my old LJ habits with more personal posts. 

Finally, a meme: Pick 10 people and give them the "You Make My Day" award. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 10 of your own (please don't feel the need to add me to your list if you do it).
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You guys are great (as is the rest of my flist)!  *hugs* 
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In celebration of Sam's favorite holiday and the fact it's THURSDAY, I thought I'd do this meme from [ profile] sadelyrate. :)

The first bit has absolutely nothing to do with the fact we hardly have any left over Halloween candy in the house *wipes chocolate from mouth*.  

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I'm back from The North!  It was great for the first week.  Then it snowed.  A lot.  For days.  After that working outside all day ceased being pleasant and enjoyable.

Here's a fun meme from [personal profile] sigune that demonstrates the degree of my illiteracy, how I can't seem to focus enough to finish a book, and the extent of my "to read" list. BTW, does it annoy anyone else that most of these titles are erroneously capitalized (or not capitalized)?  Maybe it's just me and my freakish, anal tendancies...

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I'm in Vancouver for the weekend to do some climbing before I head up to northern B.C. for some ... bear dodging.  


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