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Today I discovered a bunch of things:

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I saw this rec on [ profile] rocksalt_recs and am repeating it here because this SPN themed tea pot set is absolutely amazing (and not just because it reminded me of being 5 and having an awesome cup with a ceramic duck stuck to the bottom of it).  The details are awesome and humorous (see the Gabester's sugar pot) and so spot on.  And the picture of Cas peering out over the edge of his tea cup with his shadow wings is somehow adorable.  If you search the tags on the post, you'll be able to find the post on the tea pot itself that shows Crowley standing on the bottom of the pot in a devil's trap holding a tea cup.  Nothing like drowning the King of Hell over and over again in holy water tea.  Maybe Sam and Dean should take note.  ;)

And now I'm going to have to find an awesome cup with a ceramic duck stuck to the bottom of it for ME my kiddos because if that doesn't get them to finish their milk then nothing will. 

Fic Rec

Nov. 24th, 2010 12:58 am
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So lately I've been pursuing other fannish endeavors, mostly regressing back to my first fandom because SPN has become so difficult for me to watch.  Then I somehow stumbled upon this fic by gretazreta and was reminded of the amazing quality of writing the SPN fandom possesses.  I don't read a lot of fic and I certainly don't devour a 44,000 word story in one evening, but tonight I did (and look at what time it is!).  This story is a merging of SPN S1-S5 and the novel "The Time Traveler's Wife".  It twists the canon of both just right such that this new story has legitimate legs while somehow remaining true to both the original sources, and, like the novel, this story pretzels in on itself in the most satisfying way, making you want to read more and more and more until you're up at obnoxious hours of the night pounding away on your keyboard and blabbing in run-on sentences into the void of the internet.  This is such a gorgeous story.  The writing is tight and deft and not at all purple, yet gets the reader right where they need to be--in the emotional story, inside the head space of SamandDean.  It's the Winchester boys so wrapped up in each other that it reminds me of the fic the SPN fandom was producing during S2 and the S2-S3 hiatus--when it was just Sam and Dean and their Big Fat Tragic Devotion against all else.  And perhaps that's partially why I enjoyed it so very much.  It reminded me of what was (and I hope will be again) the heart of this little show about two brothers and their epic love story.  If you haven't read this, do it now.


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