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My vid rec list is outgrowing itself and sprouting new posts!

Keep your eyeballs busy during the hiatus )

Action Vids


+*Supernatural – Series Recap by Gentlesideoffury a.k.a. xdudeyoufuglyx (LJ account), ensemble (spoilers through OMG I don’t know!): This vid makes the show look like an epic feature film.  If you’re boggled by the number of cuts at beginning of the vid just wait until you reach the last minute and a half where literally all hell breaks loose.  You’ll be wetting your pants and picketing the studios for a movie deal after watching this.  Totally awesome.  Totally epic. 


+*Faint Remix by Gentlesideoffury a.k.a. xdudeyoufuglyx (LJ account), ensemble (spoilers through “NRftW” 3x16): No words can adequately describe this vid; is there such thing as action angst? Rarely have I seen a vid that seamlessly incorporates clips from “Ghostfacers” but somehow it works.  The last 30 seconds of the vid are the frosting on the cake. Whatever you do, do not blink while watching.


+So Cold by sweetiejen, ensemble (spoilers through “HaH” 4x10): This is a S4-heavy vid that is solidly assembled and hits all the right notes, and the visual parallels and matched clips in this vid are stunning. 


*Destiny by freedam, Dean and Sam (spoilers through the end of S2): Dean and his destiny.  This vid jumps straight into the thick of things and just keeps building.  Set to a powerful driving beat that fits Dean to a T, this vid maintains the tension with great editing and fast cuts.  There’s only one word for this: intense.


*Dean’s Overture by dragonfly_sg1, Dean (spoilers through “RSaM” 3x06): Dean, Dean, and more Dean.  Set to the snappy William Tell Overture, this is like a fireworks display of Deanisms.  It will have you grinning and giggling.


The Journey by hay1ock, Sam, Dean and Co. (spoilers through the end of S2): An excellent choice of episode distinctive clips and an editing that mimics the tempo change in the music makes this a great S3 recap vid.  If you want to relive S2 in three minutes and rock out to some heart-pounding music watch this.


*Carol of the Supernatural by dragonfly_sg1, Sam and Dean (spoilers through “Hell House”): This is my favorite action video (shhh, never mind that it’s set to Christmas music and its summer).  The edits were synchronized with the music beautifully, requiring lots and lots and lots of cuts.  It’s fast, it’s pretty, it builds nicely with the music, it will get your heart pumping.


*Bricks by sockkpuppett, Sam and Dean (spoilers through “IMToD”): This is a prime example of how a song can make a video.  Aretha Franklin and Metallica are awesome, just the right mix of attitude and grit, perfect for the show and those determined Winchesters. 


There and Back Again by tinkabell007, Sam and Dean and guns (spoilers through “Playthings”): An action video that makes you wonder how it’s possible that Sam and Dean aren’t in full body casts.  It has fast cuts, interesting effects, and a series of door-kicking clips I really like.



Het Vids


+*Pretty by proofpudding, Sam/Ruby (spoilers through “IKWYDLS” 4x09): superb framing and editing set to a whisper-quiet, bare-bones song that fits perfectly with the complicated push-pull of Sam and Ruby’s relationship. 


*Let Myself Fall by dragonfly_sg1, Sam/Madison (spoilers for “Heart): Sam, Madison, and a barrel full of angst.  The clip selection and editing yield a wistful and tragic atmosphere that matches the song perfectly.  You’ll want to watch “Heart” again after this video.


Kingdom by the Sea by maygin80, Sam/Madison (spoilers for “Heart”): The same flavor as “The Good Out There”: heartbreaking, bittersweet, tragic, and dripping with Sam and Madison angst.  The music is beautiful and the sepia-colored clips with the lines from “Annabelle Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe make this feel like an extended movie trailer.



Slash Vids


+*Climbing Up The Walls by obsessive24, Sam/Dean, Simon/River (Firefly/Serenity), Nathan/Peter (Heroes), (spoilers through “AHBL-2” 2x22): Even though it’s a multi-fandom vid I have to include it because it’s one of the best vids I’ve ever seen.  It’s claustrophobic, disturbing, and everything a vid about dysfunctional incestuous sibling relationships should be.  Warning: sexually explicit scenes and manips.  


+Map of the Problematique by ruskiebiz, Dean/Castiel (spoilers though “HaH” 4x10): A dramatic vid set to the driving beat of Muse.  I’m a fan of the dutch angles and the yellow false coloring.  There are no Dean/Castiel manips, so this vid could also be considered canon/gen but the vidder designated it slash.  


+Snow on the Sahara by absrip, Sam/Dean (spoilers through “HaH” 4x10): The manips and extensive use external source material set this vid apart from other wincest vids.  The sweeping desert vistas surprisingly fit with the grey, dark atmosphere of the show, and I’m still wondering where the shot of an Impala-looking car driving through the desert came from. 


+i’m yours by proofpudding, Sam/Dean and Jared/Jensen (spoilers through “MS” 3x11 and the S3 gag reel): A happy feel-good vid with an overload of cuteness and funnies.  You’ll find it impossible not to smile. 


*The Scars of All I'll Ever Know by dayln03, Sam/Dean (spoilers through “Fresh Blood” 3x07): Sam left and can never go back.  A beautiful song choice, mind-blowing manipulations, and a full story arc, make this Stanford era vid one of the best and most satisfying I’ve seen.  It screams longing and is achy and just … guh at the same time. 



AU Vids


+*Better Than You Had It by wordplay___, Dean/Jess, Sam/Jess (spoilers through “FB” 3x07): Clearly I have an addiction to Jess and awesome external source material.  This vid so well constructed that half the time I felt like this was a completely different show with the same characters … strangely surreal.  I take that as a hallmark of a good AU vid.


+*Even in Death by secretlytodream, Sam/Jess (spoilers through “NRftW” 3x16): Dark, disturbing, and thankfully AU, think “CSPWDT” featuring an undead Sam and Jess. The melding of external source material with SPN clips is astounding and the narrative makes this vid exceptional. 


+*All In Your Hands by secretlytodream, Sam, Ruby, Dean, Azazel (spoilers through “NRftW” 3x16): Sam goes darkside.  This vid isn’t afraid of being flashy.  Its false-colored green, the editing/affects are eye-catching, and there are tons of images packed into a single frame.


+Worth Saving by slytherin_eyes, Sam (spoilers through “MS” 3x11): Seamless external source material and a strong narrative make this vid something to watch.  It’s Sam, drugs, prison, and some serious emotional trauma. 


+I’m Not The Man I Used To Be by secretlytodream, Dean (spoilers through “JiB” 3x12): Dean becomes a demon.  A slightly disturbing look at Dean running off the rails with the signature gritty flash and glitz of this vidder’s other projects.  


*One Year Only by dayln03, Dean, Sam (spoilers through the end of S2): Dean’s last year before his deal is up.  Fast and flashy, with tons of cuts, and a signature grainy style, this vid is a feast for the eyes. 


Keep This a Secret by dayln03, Dean/Carmen (spoilers for “WiAWSNA 2x20): Carmen and Dean and what could’ve been.  This vid is beautifully assembled with clips from “WiAWSNB” and other sources.  The effects are amazing, the manipulations well done, and the red filtering gives it a striking, distinctive look.



Parody and Humor Vids


+*Channel Hopping by ash48, Sam and Dean (spoilers through “Ghostfacers” 3x): SPN set to the theme songs of Day of Our Lives, ER, Night Rider, The Twilight Zone, and Friends (to name a few).  You’ll be snortlaughing into your hand by the end. 


+love today by lightupmynight, Jared and Jensen (spoilers for S1-S3 gag reels): LOL! :D XD !!!  Watch this if you’re in a bad mood.  :)


The Impala Awards by lsketch42, loads of characters (spoilers through “BUaBS”): It’s a cracked-out wanna-be Emmy Awards for Supernatural.  With categories like “The Best Spawn of Satan” and “The Best Reason to Fire the Show’s Hairstylist” how can you not laugh?


I’m Super by askewedmind, everyone (spoilers through “Hell House”): Supernatural set to a lispy show tune-inspired “I’m Super” by Big Gay Al from South Park.  That pretty much says it all.  It features clips from the season one gag reel and Jensen and Jared wearing cowboy hats.  *cackles*


Badass by arcthalia, John and the YED, (spoilers through “BUaBS”): John and the YED bond over mutual parental disgruntlement in such a cracktastic way, you’ll be laughing your head off.  It ends with a shout out to the fandom.  Hey, if we can’t make fun of ourselves, who can?


*Jared Ripped His Pants by kiwioflurve, Jared (spoilers for “Heart” and the S2 gag reel): Set to “Ripped Pants” by Spongebob and the Losers, this vid is a hilarious extension of the infamous ripped pants incident.  You’ll want to watch it just to see the look on Jared’s face and watch Jensen laugh is pants off.  *glee*


Batman and Boy Blunder by ash48, Sam and Dean (spoilers for “ABDaBR” 3x03): Dean as Batman and Sam and Boy Blunder.  Inspired by the canoncrack that was “ABDaBR”, the slapstick humor continues complete with 1950’s TV show sound effects.


Dean Winchester: Hard Knock Life by Skeezerbeans, Dean and Sam (spoilers through the end of S2): Dean (Dr. Evil) and his Mini-Me (Sam) lead a hard life, but it's a funny life, too.  The Ghetto Anthem remix of Hard Knock Life by Mike Meyers (yay!) and Jay-Z is so perfect you won’t stop laughing.


Wonderboy! by angstslashhope, Dean and Sam (spoilers through the end of S1): a silly, giggle-inducing look at Dean as Tenacious D’s Wonder Boy and Sam as Nasty Man. 

Keep your eyeballs busy during the hiatus )
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An awesome episodic vid edited by [ profile] antigonesgift for one of my favorite episodes ("Faith" 1x12).  I love how this vid builds and builds and then explodes into color along with the instrumentals.  Very intense.  Loads of drama and angst the way only those Winchester boys can do (Sam tossing his phone aside to gnaw his fingernails may be one of my favorite angstspaz moments).  The opening shot is gorgeous.  

Leave comments for her here.
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For the last couple of weeks, I've been trying to update my fic and vid recs, which means diving into other peoples' creative minds.  The quality work in the SPN fandom never ceases to amaze me, nor does the amout of thought and effort that go into writing some of these fics and videos.  

After a year or so of no SPN vids, [profile] astartexx just published a new video.  I liked it so much that I didn't want to wait and post it with the rest of my updated recs.  If (like me) you're missing the unsaturated color from S1/S2 and feeling a little out of sorts with S3 Dean, this video is your cure.  The use of color/non-color is beautifully done and the song choice is different and interesting.  If you're interested in the "production notes" go here

Another one of my favorite admire-from-afar vidders,  [profile] sockkpuppett a.k.a. luminosity, and her vids are featured in this New York Magazine article.  Being that I know virtually nothing about the vidding community, I found it quite interesting.  It just goes to prove that there's yet another aspect of this fandom thing waiting to suck me in. :)
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Enabling the habit.  More SPN recs.  This time of the visual and silly nature.  Fic recs can be found in the previous post.  If you have any vid/misc. recs feel free to let me know.


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