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Whhhaaa! I'm all a flutter!

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*flails wildy* OMG. I think my ovaries exploded. Who SAW it/them/thingy last night?

For those of you who don't know, last night the world record for the most women (and some men) simultaneously fainting was established. Then ten minutes later, the world record for the most women (and probably some men) bawling their eyes out was broken. Sera Gamble and Eric Kripke are trying to give the world a heart attack with all the *guh* lovelieness and then drown the survivors with their teary melodrama and angst. Damn them. I love them.
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Here are links where you can watch The Whole THING or you can watch the last (slightly better) Six Minutes of ANGST and UBER-MELODRAMA (just fast forward to the last two minutes).
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Thanks so much for all of the birthday wishes, presents, and cards! Nothing like warm fuzzies to make the third decade of life a little more inviting. :) You are all terrific!

On a totally unrelated note, I was so gobsmacked that I just have to share at the risk of being a total fangeekspazdork (not that I'm not ... that, lol). I was floating around in cyberspace and found a drabble that made my mouth fall open onto my keyboard. 352 words of glorious, angsty brillance. Not only is it concise without feeling like "stuff" is missing, but the parallel structure of each passage is well done. Navigating prose while adhering to tight constraints is difficult to do ... like poetry. It's nicely balanced between the three characters, and the whole thing just feels really satisfying when you get to the end.

Even if you don't know anything about Supernatural (or care), you should read this just to appreciate the loveliness of it all. Hey, it's only 352 words - no commitment! You don't have to know anything other than this drabble is about a father and his two sons.

Full Circle by [ profile] gekizetsu
Angst. Sam is the hub of the Winchester wheel. 352 words, PG

I know I'm shamelessly pimping, but this drabble is so worth it. HP fandom watch out. Read it and squee with me!
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I've just discovered a new vice. No, I'm not talking about Tetrus again. Heh. I am talking about Supernatural - a LOVELY angst machine of a show. I'm actually rather suprised because I don't watch TV beyond "The Office" (I love that show!) and the news. But now besides Michael Scott and his wise-cracks to keep me entertained on Thursday nights, I have Sam and Dean.

I was at the gym, zoning out on my elliptical machine and channel surfing when I happened upon Supernatural. [ profile] ninkenate loves it, so I thought I'd give it another go, having nothing else to watch. And to my surprise, it was really funny (the "Tall Tales" episode). I loved how they kept juggling between the two overly exaggerated principle character's POVs. But what I think I like the most was the chemistry between the two main actors who play Sam and Dean - the bickering, the tension, it was great. In my opinion, as long as the characters are compelling to me, I'm entertained - it doesn't matter if they have two heads or what. I thought that this was a sort of "progressive" show that was taking a liberal spin on character relationships (yes, in that way). I just about fell off the machine when I found out they were supposed to be brothers. Ack!

Anyway, the main plot arc is full of lots of angst, mystery, and conflict and all of the juicy stuff that makes for conflicted and torn characters. Plus there's the supernatural goodness to keep the imagination engaged somewhat. Sub-stories are rooted in reality, mostly urban legend and myth, which I find really interesting. It doesn't hurt that it's a very nice looking show either. :D And it's filmed where I used to live, so it's fun to see familiar landmarks. I even remember them filming at my old work in 2005. I used to lecture in the building/classroom featured in the episode "Bugs". By the way, it's really the old part of the Chemistry building (not Anthropology) and the lighting makes it look a lot nicer than it really is. Ah, the power of a film. We had "some" TV show being filmed down our street as well, and now I'm wondering if it could've been for Supernatural.

I'm making my way through season 1. Some of the episodes are better than others. I prefer the ones that play up the main plot arc and downplay the actual sub-story that is being featured that week. It seems that there is a fandom for Supernatural with ... hehe ... fanfics. I haven't yet looked anything up. I don't know if I should as I should be writing other things. However, something needs to entertain me as JKR seems to have veered away from the angst. Hypothesizing and pontification will be much less interesting when HP canon is wrapped up. Hrumph.


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