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So last night I went to finish another meta, but this came out instead.  My brain was Abaddon-jacked.  Oops. ;)

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“As Time Goes By” (8x12) was Serge Ladouceur’s, SPN’s Director of Photography, first solo directing gig.  I thought it was well done.  Not only was it filled with pleasantly surprising choices but also showed an understanding of how to exploit the camera to tell a complimentary visual story to the scripted story, making it feel like he really understood the dramatic purpose behind the scenes and manipulated the visual elements effectively and accordingly.  There are four notable examples that stood out to me that I’m going to geek out talk about below.

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Apparently this is what happens when an episode (8x10) leaves me making my bhuz face and saying, “Really?” at the TV

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed how awesome the Sam-and-Dean-stalk-around-the-warehouse scene was.  It was visually the most memorable of the episode not only because it was Sam and Dean and their badass selves stalking around a warehouse but also because it was *dramatic* looking.  But what does dramatic mean exactly?  How do you define it visually?  And how do you make a scene look dramatic using camera, lights, and actors with rubber knives tiptoeing around?  There’s not a single answer for any of that as, I think, most of it’s contextual, but here’s an attempt to breakdown this scene to see some ways it was made to look so badass cool and *dramatic*.

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If you're interested in more nerdy camera talk for this episode go here.

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This originally was intended to be a small comment for [ profile] spnematography’s episode discussion for “Reading is Fundamental” (7x21), but it grew into something bigger and took me too long to post in a timely manner for the discussion prompt.  So, weeks months later, here it is.  Whoops, deadlines.

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An article was posted about how JA and JP approach their craft and the story behind the camera.  The second paragraph of the article discusses JA’s directorial choices.  It reads:

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Bargggh!  Hello, flist!  Breaking radio silence!  :D  I feel like I've been stuck in a well for the last month or two or five, but (I think?) I've escaped for now.  *looks around*  Freedom means fandom dorkery, which means Show, which means mindless nattering, which sometimes means meta.  \o/  So ... after watching this past week’s episode of "Glee", I’ve finally figured out what’s been bothering me about SPN this season. 

Spoilers for SPN 6x08 and Glee 2x06 )


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A meta by [ profile] karenmiller got me thinking about Dean and Sam and the overturning of their belief systems since S2 ("HotH") and how that would affect their actions at the end of S4.  I started typing my response only to find I wrote way too much to politely post as a comment (oops), so I'm posting my thoughts here because nobody cares if I pollute my own journal. :D

There are spoilers in [ profile] karenmiller's post and what is discussed below is based on the 4x21/4x22 preview. 
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Hey guys, I (or my journal, the tiger meta, rather) unknowingly ended up in a SPN fandom vid (a fanvid about fandom) a couple of times.  It debuted at Winchestercon this past weekend.  Wow, am I a dork or what?

Also, my fellow flister-fangirls, [ profile] kentawolf  and [ profile] erinrua, are in the vid, too.

Thanks to [ profile] maharet83 for the heads-up.  You can leave comments for the vidder here.
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I wrote a meta thingy! :)

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Table of Extreme Dorkiness that goes with this meta.

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You guys you guys you GUYS!  OMFG!  OMG.  O. M. G.

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Meta-ish blabber lurks below the cut. 

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This just proves my brain is starved (look, it's practically anorexic) for something SPN-related to think about.  Spoilers ahoy!

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This list is mostly for me because keeping things in my memories sort of annoying, but I figured maybe other people might be interested in the thoughts floating around the fandom. 
Most of the stuff I find interesting concerns characterization and motivation and wonderfully long, rambling comparison posts stuffed with facts, tables, references and screencaps (which doesn’t mean anyone else will be equally squee induced).  Yeah, I’m a geeky meta muncher and it makes me happy to see there are other people lurking around who think about fictional characters in a fictional universe and how their fictional lives spin around and around and around.
So for my own self-indulgent purposes, here’s my SPN Meta Rec list sorted by season and posting date. Feel free to comment with any of your own recs because spreading the OCD compulsion is good and, like we all learned in kindergarten, the world needs more sharers. :)
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A little post-turkey meta. 

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More than anything, this episode left me uneasy. Plot changes I can handle. New characters I can handle. Brother angst I can handle. What seem to me like changes in fundamental characterization and show ethos, I apparently can’t. 
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Some thoughts about how dark themes and pretty pictures go hand in hand.  


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