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I've updated my various SPN recs in case anyone is interested in perusing the many talents of this fandom:

Gen/Pre-Series Fic Recs
Het/Slash, AU/Future, Humor/Crack Fic Recs
Vid recs
Meta recs

Also, for the half of my flist that's still part of the HP fandom, I thought I'd share a lovely vid by fabella I stumbled upon by complete accident.  It's HP, it's gen, and it's angst-ridden (of course).  It reminded of those days when fandom was brimming with conspiracy theories, a young wizardboy's fate was yet undetermined, and the dark was rising.  *sigh* 


ETA: OMG.  WHO READ THE SPN SEASON FINALE SPOILER?!!!?!!?!? &$^%^#$^(#*&(*#)!!$!@$%^  I couldn't help myself!  I'm sure this complusion must be a disability.  The writer's strike must end.  Now.  Then we can still get five new mytharc-heavy episodes in before production *must* shut down for the summer hiatus.  *bites fingernails*

It's here and it's whited out so you must highlight it to read it.  The rest of the post is a nice commentary on Fangoria, which is happening today. 
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I'm supposed to be sleeping.  I'm obviously not because ... EEEEEEE.  

Spoilery pictures of SPN 3x11.

I think I just messed myself.  *hyperventilates*
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THE SHOW IS BACK!!!!

*Spaztastically tacklehugs the show and screams, "I missed you!"*

It's official.  S3 has started! 


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I usually don't do episode reaction posts because I'm lazy (there I said it).  The exception is when I'm much too flaily to go to sleep and therefore must spaz out incoherently on LJ so I don't make a fool of myself in RL.  This is what happened with "Heart" for various reasons, mostly involving sweaty flesh.  ;)  So please forgive me as what follows may not be as coherent as a regular meta.  Spoilers for 3x04.

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 HOLYMOTHEROFALLSPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!  *flail*

Apparently my LJ has decided to completely skip the month of October *points at the entry date*.  For a moment I thought I'd fangirled my way to the first week of November and episode 3x05 (shhh "fangirl" is also a verb).  Imagine my disappointment when I realized I don't have time-jumping superpowers and that it's just the LJ elves playing dirty mind tricks.  I'd even thought of a moto: never underestimate the power of squee.  Or maybe it should be "The Squee" or "The Collective Squee".  You think I'm overthinking this?  Wait, what time is it?  Is it Thursday yet? 

ETA: I finally fixed the November date issue.  *headdesk*


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