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... good old-fashioned show love.  At a time when it seems like fandom has grown large and divisive, there's a plethora of pairings for anyone's tastes (real life and fictional, canon and non-canon), and the little underdog show about brothers on a road trip in their Chevy has exploded into something about the end of the world, it's nice to see vids about Sam and Dean and the simple story of them being brothers.  I love the creativity and the fact there is so much out there for everyone to enjoy, but sometimes I just like some old-school SPN stripped of all the in-your-face religious undertones and the legions of Heaven and Hell zipping around, when the reason behind Sam's bitchfaces were nothing more than Dean's taste in music and Dean's biggest concern was which sex face he was going to flash at the truck stop waitress.  So it's nice to see a couple of vids where the focus is just Sam and Dean.

The first vid is new, the second one isn't (I don't know why I didn't rec it when it was first posted).  The editing is well done in both, esp. well synchronized with the music in the second vid.  The clip selection and placement of similar shots/parallel scenes in the first vid is excellent and makes you realize how much can be said using only visuals. 

Both vids by secretlytodream.  Leave feedback for the first vid here and for the second one here.

Vid Rec

Sep. 22nd, 2009 08:28 am
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Bwhaaaa!  One of the best SPN crack!vids I've seen!  Go, Chuck!

Leave comments for [ profile] lsketch42 here.
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Flist, do you have your daily weekly monthly dose of angst yet?  If not, check out this vid by [ profile] absrip.  The still art that's used in it is gorgeous and should get a nod just on its own.  But animated, set to music, and paired with clips from the show, it's something to see.  I love the coloring, the sepia tones give the entire vid a sort of ethereal, otherworldly feel, and the close-ups featured in most of the clip selections gives it an intensity and a weird feeling of intimacy that would've been lost otherwise (also, there's that underused overhead umbrella shot from "Scarecrow" compliments of Kim Manners \o/).  The editing is well done and compliments the music; the last 40 seconds are my favorite.  FYI, this is a Wincest vid (one of the best I've seen).  There are manips and some explicit external-source material.  Leave comments for the vidder here.  

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After months of laying low and lurking on the edges of fandom, I suddenly looked up and realized I've been hiding away for half of the season and we only have four episodes left until the uber-summer hiatus!  And now I'm starting to feel like I'm missing out on all the interesting episode discussions/recaps, meta, vids and ... everything.  :(

The workload is still the same, but I'm realizing that I don't have to do 110% all the time, esp. if it does nothing but stress me out and takes up the little "fun" time I have.  So here's to lowering my personal standards.  *raises glass*  We'll see how it goes starting this week with photocopying intro. pages from a lab book for pre-readings like everyone else instead of completely rewriting my own.  Also, tonight I could finally stomach the sight of meat and was feeling good enough to actually cook an entire dinner.  And even better I ate a little bit of red meat for the first time in months and *looks at watch* so far so good.  \o/  It was SOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOO YUMMY.  Sorry to you vegetarians out there, but meat is delicous, fat and protein and gravy and mmmmm.  *wants more* 

So as I was properly fed and feeling ambitious (and procrastinating), I cleaned out my hard drive tonight and stumbled across never finished fic, half baked meta, and cinematography stuff, and now I'd rather work on that than my real work.  I think my brain is starting to decompartmentalize itself as it realizes the freak out my body has been having for the past 4 months is not going away any time soon.  But more importantly, I found amazing insta-rec vids that I didn't share previously when I was in hiding.  So in lieu of anything of my own complete enough to contribute to fannish glee, I'll pass along these recs instead.

This vid, Somebody's Child, by [ profile] sabaceanbabe is well done and one of the most unique vids I've seen.  The use of a secondary screen along the sidebar allows for multiple interpretations of the lyrics and lends to its alternating (or omnicient if you look at it another way) POV.  Dividing attention between a large and a smaller screen has an interesting effect, and you'll probably have to watch this vid more than once just to see exactly what's going on.  Also, because of the size of the small screen, to get the intended effect either download the vid and watch it in its original size or maximize it to full screen.  The song catchy, achy, and fitting for a future look back on the "Winchester gospel" (*chuckles* that still cracks me up) and the sequences during each play of chorus are beautifully chosen and will probably make you choke up (but maybe I'm just an over-emotional sap right now).  Go watch, you won't be sorry.

This vid, Kinetic, by [ profile] maichan808 is gorgeous and flows from clip to clip almost seamlessly.  It's seem to be more of study of camera movement and impressions than a narrative-based vid.  I really like the severe desaturatization and blurriness; I think it fits nicely with the music.  If you want to see some of the most striking pans and crane shots of the entire series (with the exception of the awesome overhead umbrella shot in "Scarecrow" ... more vidders should use that in my very biased opinion) take a look at this vid.

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Once upon a time there was a person who had a very short attention span, no patience for TV shows of any sort, and who--even though she valued her friends' opinions--always found other things to do rather than sit down and watch her friends' TV show recommendations. 

Read more... )

Vid Rec

Jan. 5th, 2009 10:16 pm
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Everyone should check out this pair of complimentary vids called "Broken" by [ profile] sockkpuppett a.k.a luminosity.   It's two vids, same general arc, same song, but two completely different stories.  Individually they're great (Dean's story and then Sam's story), but together they're amazing (Sam and Dean's story).  I love the fact strategic clips were synchonized in both vids and how the visual medium can be used like first person POV/filtering in fiction to show the same events through different eyes.  The construction of both vids as well as the clips selected for the lyrics is well done.  Also, check out awesome sequences during the bridge present in Sam's vid.  Leave comments for the vidder here.

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Anyone in the mood for epic action!boys?  This was the winning vid at Creation Entertainment's SPN Con this past weekend in Chicago and it packs a punch.  Great editing and clip choice, this feels like an extended movie trailer.  Dudes, where's our MOVIE DEAL!?

ETA:  I can't get the high quality version to embed.  Watch by clicking the link under the YouTube video.
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Hello f-list and whoever else might randomly happen upon this.

I just wanted to let you know that my LJ and e-mail have decided to stop communicating.  Over the last week it seemed like I wasn't getting the same amout of e-mail traffic as I normally do, but now I'm not getting any LJ comment or reply notifications in my inbox despite the fact there've been comments made here.  So if it seems like I've been ignoring anyone by not replying to replies or comments, I'm not.  I just didn't receive any messages.  And because I can't remember exactly who I might've replied to when and where, it's likely that I've dropped out of conversation threads without warning.  So sorry about that, but it's nothing personal whatsoever, nor am I trying to be rude.  Short of scanning though my f-list entries for who knows how long (the last week?) and looking up convo threads, I'm not sure what to do.    

Erm ... so does anyone have any idea how to fix this?  *looks hopeful*

On a fannish note, I've been peeking around at fics and vids and stumbled up on a really well done Firefly video by [personal profile] obsessive24.  Maybe it's old news as it was published 10 months ago, but I'm a Firefly newbie (thanks to [profile] kjpzak) so, you know, cut me some slack for being behind. ;)  Anyway, it's well paced and choreographed nicely with the music.  There's some fancy fandangly effects with photograph backgrounds that caught my eye.  Plus, I seem to have a thing for angst, Placebo songs, and touchy siblings.   If incestous overtones aren't your thing, just ... uh ... watch River kick butt and Simon get shot repeatedly and pretend that they're not touching at all.  ;)  What is it with fandom and incest anyway?  Heh.



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