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Now that I have very limited time for fannish dorkery, I find that I can only train my attention on one thing at a time, and now that I think the baby hormones are out of my system after almost two years, I think my brain is starting to stir.  Although I can't promise coherency, my mad powerz of concentration seem to be returning. \o/  So I thought I'd exercise my fangirl brain by doing one relatively easy fannish thing.  Last month I was a guest rec'er (I always think "wrecker" *snortlaugh*) at [ profile] spnvidrecs  because what a great excuse to watch loads of videos, yeah?  :)  So if anyone is interested here's a list of my lists of rec's (wrecks) compiled: 

One Song Two Vids
Just like SPN is shared story of two brothers with their own perspectives, different vids with various POVs can be made from the same song.  My inner geek finds a vidder’s lyric interpretation and how they choose to make their story come alive with editing, clip choice, and effects interesting.  Here are some of my favorite paired vids to tickle your inner geek.

Eye-Popping External-Source Material
Seamlessly integrated external-source material can enhance a vid’s narrative or emphasize the visual commentary by providing clips outside of canon.  Here are a couple of standout vids where it’s hard to tell (if you didn’t know ever scene from every SPN episode) when clips from SPN end and snippets from elsewhere begin.

Interesting Effects, Unique Style
Vids can act as character commentaries, visual meta on theme, fandom, and larger social issues as well as retell a story (narrative and recap vids) or be a vehicle for new stories (AU vids), and convey other deep and meaningful things I know nothing about.  But, at the heart of the matter, we watch vids because they’re pretty and fun.  Here are some of my favorite pretty vids with interesting effects and unique styles that make them fun to watch.

How-could-these-not-have-been-rec’ed?! Recs
The title is self-explanatory. :)

Newly released vid rec's for June: week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 4.5

Then I got a banner for basically sitting around and watching vids!  :D  Now if RL only worked like this...

Then I thought, "I should compile all my other fandom wrecks rec's, too" because, you know, I like to pretend I'm organized (and never mind I haven't been updating my proper vid rec list to begin with).  So here's a new list of other great fandom/multifandom vids I've really enjoyed.

BSG, Firefly/Serenity, TSCC... )
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An awesome episodic vid edited by [ profile] antigonesgift for one of my favorite episodes ("Faith" 1x12).  I love how this vid builds and builds and then explodes into color along with the instrumentals.  Very intense.  Loads of drama and angst the way only those Winchester boys can do (Sam tossing his phone aside to gnaw his fingernails may be one of my favorite angstspaz moments).  The opening shot is gorgeous.  

Leave comments for her here.
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I've updated my various SPN recs in case anyone is interested in perusing the many talents of this fandom:

Gen/Pre-Series Fic Recs
Het/Slash, AU/Future, Humor/Crack Fic Recs
Vid recs
Meta recs

Also, for the half of my flist that's still part of the HP fandom, I thought I'd share a lovely vid by fabella I stumbled upon by complete accident.  It's HP, it's gen, and it's angst-ridden (of course).  It reminded of those days when fandom was brimming with conspiracy theories, a young wizardboy's fate was yet undetermined, and the dark was rising.  *sigh* 


ETA: OMG.  WHO READ THE SPN SEASON FINALE SPOILER?!!!?!!?!? &$^%^#$^(#*&(*#)!!$!@$%^  I couldn't help myself!  I'm sure this complusion must be a disability.  The writer's strike must end.  Now.  Then we can still get five new mytharc-heavy episodes in before production *must* shut down for the summer hiatus.  *bites fingernails*

It's here and it's whited out so you must highlight it to read it.  The rest of the post is a nice commentary on Fangoria, which is happening today. 
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For the last couple of weeks, I've been trying to update my fic and vid recs, which means diving into other peoples' creative minds.  The quality work in the SPN fandom never ceases to amaze me, nor does the amout of thought and effort that go into writing some of these fics and videos.  

After a year or so of no SPN vids, [profile] astartexx just published a new video.  I liked it so much that I didn't want to wait and post it with the rest of my updated recs.  If (like me) you're missing the unsaturated color from S1/S2 and feeling a little out of sorts with S3 Dean, this video is your cure.  The use of color/non-color is beautifully done and the song choice is different and interesting.  If you're interested in the "production notes" go here

Another one of my favorite admire-from-afar vidders,  [profile] sockkpuppett a.k.a. luminosity, and her vids are featured in this New York Magazine article.  Being that I know virtually nothing about the vidding community, I found it quite interesting.  It just goes to prove that there's yet another aspect of this fandom thing waiting to suck me in. :)


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