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I made a fic journal.  HEE.  And I wrote some fics.  DoubleHEE.  Now before I get in trouble for fandom writing *hides* let me just say that OMGIWROTESOMETHING!  HIYA! Writer's block, I banish you!  *karate kick*

You can check out my new alias [profile] palavraeand journal here. New scribblings are posted: Chapter 3 of my HP action fic (Strength of Three), a bit-o-something for The House of X, and my first SPN angst fest called Every Little Space Once Filled.  Also, I finally named that Ginny-centric, first person PoV, post-Hogwarts fic I previewed here months ago, which means that I'm now committed to finishing it :)  It's now called What Remains Unspoken.

This new journal is just for fics.  I'll be keeping this [personal profile] bowtruncklejournal for personal updates.  Feel free to friend me.  I'm will be updating the fic journal as I still have to catch up with Consequence and Redemption and put up a backload of silly ficlets I wrote a while back but never posted or submitted anywhere.  I'll be posting ALL of my stories in the new journal regardless if I submit them to archives or not.  :) 

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Grr. Frustration has gotten the better of me.

I'm considering pulling my fics from wherever they're posted and just sticking them in some LJ-fic journal. Waiting for chapters to tromp through queues is becoming intolerable. Plus, I'm one of those annoying authors who likes to be in control of my postings because, well, I fix things as I go (as in the random typo that's managed to get though or a sentence that is horrible or ... erm ... an inconsistency that I HOPE nobody else notices [cats out of the bag on that one now]). In addition to that, I hate feeling like I'm inconveniencing people (like my betas) by constantly zipping them chapters to post for me, so I'd rather do it.

Last month, the mods at Mugglenetfanfiction rejected a chapter because they believed that the rating was inappropriate for the content based on violence. In all fairness, I'd forgotten what my fic was rated (3-4th years = PG). But I feel that the chapter doesn't warrent a Professor rating (R) because technically there isn't any violence, which by definition is "an exertion of physical force to injur or abuse". There's no dueling or spellfire or even bad guys in this chapter. However, there's a description of blood and characters' reactions to people bleeding. So perhaps there needs to be a distinction between "violence" and "descriptiveness" in their rating criteria as they are not the same thing. Anyway, I changed all my fics to 5-6th years = PG-13 to hopefully avoid things like this in the future, but asked MNFF mods to consider accepting this chapter with its new 5-6th years rating (not the Professor rating). A month later, the chapter still hasn't been posted and I'm waiting to hear back from them.

If I make some fanfiction journal, then I could post all of my other bits of fanfic writing that I won't bother passing through queues. I wrote a crack!HP fic late one night last year! Oh, the silliness. But my question is: are separate writing journals worth the work to set up and maintain or should I just dump everything into this journal if at all? Who has a separate fic journal? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?
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Thanks so much for all of the birthday wishes, presents, and cards! Nothing like warm fuzzies to make the third decade of life a little more inviting. :) You are all terrific!

On a totally unrelated note, I was so gobsmacked that I just have to share at the risk of being a total fangeekspazdork (not that I'm not ... that, lol). I was floating around in cyberspace and found a drabble that made my mouth fall open onto my keyboard. 352 words of glorious, angsty brillance. Not only is it concise without feeling like "stuff" is missing, but the parallel structure of each passage is well done. Navigating prose while adhering to tight constraints is difficult to do ... like poetry. It's nicely balanced between the three characters, and the whole thing just feels really satisfying when you get to the end.

Even if you don't know anything about Supernatural (or care), you should read this just to appreciate the loveliness of it all. Hey, it's only 352 words - no commitment! You don't have to know anything other than this drabble is about a father and his two sons.

Full Circle by [ profile] gekizetsu
Angst. Sam is the hub of the Winchester wheel. 352 words, PG

I know I'm shamelessly pimping, but this drabble is so worth it. HP fandom watch out. Read it and squee with me!
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I took this test from [ profile] baw61983. I guess the results are true to some extent, especially the part about dishonesty. "No tolerance for sloppy or lazy thinking" are strong words. I don't necessarily think that statement applies to how I view things. I think it would be more accurate to say, "appreciates it when people make an honest effort to do their best." After all, that's all you really can ask of someone. :)
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