Feb. 17th, 2010

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Dear Fandom-at-large,

I feel like I should disown you or bonk you over the head with a giant beanbag.  What's up with all the negativity?  So Kripke isn't going to be in charge of the laborious daily operations (i.e. micromanaging) of S6 Show, so...?  He'll still be around to oversee the general story arc.  Gamble has been there since day one.  She has a good handle on the characters, written some terrific episodes (Nightmare, Faith, Salvation, HotH), has been Kripke's right-hand woman, and seems to have been on the same page as him all these years, but most importantly she seems to really care about SPN.  So she has a tendency for uberdrama and likes to write Sam naked and crying, but that's why there's a team of writers to help balance things out.  Creating a TV show is a collaborative creative process that requires many people--she's not going to run Show into the ground by herself.  It's entirely too early to be condemning S6.  Look at the mess the majority of S5 has been and Kripke is running the show. 

Furthermore, I think people should be less concerned with who is commanding the boat (which can be done from afar or on the boat) and more concerned about who is in charge of organizing the crew that is in charge of running and keeping the boat afloat.  Who's going to take Singer's job?  I think it's probably Sgriccia, and, if that's the case, then who's going to take Sgriccia's current job (i.e. be in charge of organizing the crew that is in charge of running and keeping the boat afloat)?  Before Sgriccia it was Manners, and we all know what a big job it is to get that crew up north and all the sub-departments coordinated (hello, lighting, art dept., guest directors, etc.) as well as collaborate with the brains of the operation in L.A.  I think there's a greater chance of failure in seamlessly stitching together the various aspects that go into creating the look, feel, and story of a show than just laying down the mytharc. 

But seriously, let's just relax and stop wanking over everything, okay?  Let's have just one millisecond of collective joy.  Everyone exhale and be grateful that we'll have a S6 even if it might tank (at least you'll have something to wank over next year).  Smile now, wank later if you must.  Thanks.

No love, Me

To end on an upbeat note, here's an awesome vid by diedre_c that is a cheeky, hilarious, squee-filled yayfest for Show's renewal!  Fandom-at-large, watch this vid and remind yourself HOW FUN our Show is!  :D  


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