Dec. 4th, 2010

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It's snowing here.  Not just a dusting of snow, but full fledged stick-your-tongue-out-and-catch-a-million-fluffy-flakes snow.  The kids in the neighborhood are going C-R-A-Z-Y crazy.  Our street is filled with shrieks of glee and a gaggle of brightly colored, stiffly running marshmallow kids (i.e. in snowsuits and ginormous coats) running in circles.  Right now I'm watching our 2-year old neighbor lick snow off the rear bumper of a car parked in the street. XD  It makes for amusing window gazing.  And being that I'm baking and am afforded a window view from the kitchen, I get to watch all the antics, and I saw something that reminded me of how important siblings are and of two fictional brothers who once were little boys. 

There are two little boys who live across the street.  They're brothers obviously.  One is maybe 8 or 9, the other probably 4 or 5.  The older brother is tall and gangly and has sandy-colored hair, the younger has a mop of dark hair.  When it started to snow, the older brother bolted out of the house and ran up and down the street barefoot, whooping and yelling with his hands in the hair.  After a moment the front door opened again and out vaulted the little brother, who took a flying leap down the front steps and ran after his brother, jumping and yelling and doing a little brother imitation of whatever his big brother was doing.  After a while they got tired and ambled back to their house.  I thought that was the end of that and went back to baking.  Then A walked by the window and said something about the neighbor kids hopping around on their front step.  I went to the window and saw the two boys still outside in their T-shirts and barefoot, apparently they locked themselves out.  The little brother was hopping from foot to foot, trying to keep his toes off the ground as the older brother fiddled with the doorknob.  Then the older brother glanced down at his little brother next to him, got down on his hands and knees, and proceed to stand barefoot on the snowy steps with his little brother on his back until his mom opened the door and let them inside.


Boys.  Be brothers again soon.  Apparently my brother love deficit is critically low such that I'm seeing fannish connections in RL.  In the meantime, anyone have any good brother-bonding wee!chester fic recs? 


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