Jan. 26th, 2013

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The last year and a half has been tough.  Pregnancy-induced anemia, baby #2 and the whole newborn and prolonged sleep deprivation hullabaloo, an Autism diagnosis for kid #1, a new house, moving into the new house, all on top of regular life and adjusting to having two kids under the age of 3 running around.  During that time free time was a rare luxury and, out of necessity, any surpluses of mental and emotional energy was allocated to decompression personal time, family, and RL friends in that order.

My fannish online time consisted of flyby speed reads of my flist and maybe leaving the occasional emoticon as a sad excuse for a comment.  And even though I would’ve liked to engage in thinkiness and many of the interesting discussions I’m sure were circulating, I couldn’t read anything more than a couple of paragraphs of text because I was mentally and emotionally overwhelmed and exhausted.  But more worrisome, my sense of humor divorced me and my dorky, geektastic, silly self retreated to a dark corner of my brain and decided not to come out until I stopped playing emergency grown-up.  In short, real life kidnapped me and didn’t bother leaving a ransom note at my LJ.

So sorry, flist, for being MIA for … years.  :(  I can’t promise I’ll be as active in fandom as I was back in the S2-S3 era of supersonic fangirl squee, but I’m finding that I’m feeling more energetic and inspired and itching for some fannish projects and good old discussions.  I’ve got a couple of posts brewing that I’m jazzed about, including some thoughts about why I feel like SPN is backwards and inside out this season, a visual meta about the influence of Gothic literature in SPN circa “Playthings” (2x11), and some blabberings about the writers’ execution and the audiences’ perception regarding supporting characters.  It feels good to have extracurricular thoughts again.  :)  For a while I thought my brain was permanently stuck on RL mode.  But most of all I’m feeling excited about just being here again.  *looks around and makes victory arms*

So cheers to 2013 and hopefully some extra time to get reacquainted with you, my flist!  You can expect more updates from me, personal and fannish.  And even though I may not have anything intelligent or worthwhile to say, you may be seeing me pop up at your journals more often.  Watch out!  *hurkie jumps and pompoms and manic smiley faces*


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